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As Is Cash Offer

Paying cash has benefits from a seller’s point of view. Sellers will often accept an all cash purchase offer over a higher priced offer with conventional or FHA loan financing. That’s because they know the cash offer is more likely to close. Even though a buyer may be fully qualified to buy a home at the start of the home buying process, a hundred things can come up during the loan process. Besides the property itself not qualifying, more commonly, lenders deny loans because the buyers’ qualifications change upon further scrutiny of their finances and/or circumstances. Once the home inspection and other contingencies have been satisfied or released, closing can take place in as little as seven days, with a cash purchase. A faster closing let’s you cash out and put money into your pocket sooner.

 Financial Trouble

Ace Realty Partners can offer several types of life rafts for home owners who find themselves under water with their mortgage. Foreclosure does not have to be your only choice if you find yourself upside down on your mortgage. Loan modification is one option. Loan modification is one option; however loan modification comes in lots of flavors and not everyone qualifies for one.

A Short Sale might also be an option. Ever heard of short Sale? Ace Realty Partners specialize in Short Sales. A Short Sale is when you sell your home for less than the balance remaining on your mortgage. If your mortgage company agrees to a Short Sale, because you do not qualify for a loan modification or to refinance, you can sell your home and pay off all or a portion of your mortgage balance with the proceeds. The benefits of a short sale as opposed to foreclosure, are you may be able to get a Fannie Mae mortgage sooner (in as little as 2 years) than if you went through foreclosure (up to 7 years). You will also be able to eliminate or reduce your mortgage debt. Plus, you will start repairing your credit sooner than if your house was foreclosed. If you qualify for a Short Sale, the process is similar to a normal real estate sales transaction. Use Ace Realty Partners professional licensed real estate agent to market and sell your home.

Unconventional Purchase

Another card up the sleeve Ace Realty Partners has to help you out of that unwanted property, would be Owner Financing. With owner financing, the owner acts like the bank. This is helpful if  you’re a buyer who has the means to purchase the property but has less than desirable credit or not enough credit to qualify for a conventional mortgage. Owner financing typically requires a down payment. The owner and the buyers sign paperwork that specifies the term of the loan, interest rate, monthly payments and additional clauses, just like any other traditional mortgage.

Realtor Listing Service

A professional, trustworthy listing agent can be a huge asset for you when selling your home. The professional real estate agents at Ace Realty Partners know the deal when it comes to marketing, screening, showing and negotiating the price of your home. Studies show that sellers who use listing agents to sell their homes see final sales prices that are up to 11% higher than those who sell buy owner. Selling your home can be an emotional and sometimes difficult time. All too often sellers make emotional or impulsive decisions that cost them money and time. With the help of the pros of at” Ace Realty Partners, you will be guided through the process and to get the job done right.